Enables both professional therapists and advanced users to create their therapy
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SHARM (Self-Hypnosis And Relaxation Machine) is the software tool that enables both professional therapists and advanced users to quickly and easily create their own customized therapy and self-improvement sessions.

SHARM offers over 100 predefined sessions. Open one of the session files, set the length of the session, and press "Play". After listening to some of the included sessions, you can explore SHARM's endless customization possibilities.

Main Features :

1. Sound Technologies
- Suggestions - Over 160 built-in suggestions or record your own
- Nature Sounds - Relaxing sounds of water and birds
- Ambient Music - Fascinating background ambient music
- Musical Bells - Musical patterns that improve focus
- Brainwave Entrainment - Advanced sound: Binaural, Monaural and Isochronic
- Background Noise - Soothing noise cycles through your ears
- Breathwork - Practice deep breathing (Yoga Pranayama)
- OM Chorus - Practice with the OM chorus sound
- External - Add your own scripts, music and other sound files

2. Built-in Sessions
- Select from 100+ built-in sessions
- Ready to use sessions for many different applications
- Use the built-in sessions as templates or create your own

3. Background Ambient Music
- Built-in pure ambient music sounds
- Add-on music libraries
- Automatic ambient music patterns
- Bells patterns are harmonized with the ambient music soundtracks

4. Brainwave Entrainment
- Supported methods: Binaural Beats, Monaural Beats and Isochronic Tones
- Control the pitch of the carrier tone with a graph
- Control the entrainment frequency with a graph
- Add second and third harmonics to the carrier tone
- Create multitrack brainwave entrainment

5. Intuitive Powerful User Interface
- Unlimited number of soundtracks
- Divide the session into descriptive stages
- Draw sound segments by "click and drag"
- Advanced sound properties for each segment
- Set volume, stereo position and echo level for each segment
- Mute and activate separate soundtracks
- Automatic session length adjustment
- Change sound properties over time by drawing graphs

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